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certified trichologist and hair loss recovery specialist, Holly Strack

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Offering a multi-therapeutic approach to hair loss recovery.

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Holly Strack Trichologist, Hair Loss Recovery Specialist in Eden Prairie, MN



Certified Trichologist and Hair Loss Specialist, Holly Strack in Eden Prairie, MN
hair loss recovery specialist Holly Strack, Trichologist in Eden Prairie, MN


What People Are Saying

"Holly has helped me so much with managing my alopecia. She has started me on a journey with supplements and haircare products that have strengthened the hair that I have. Holly is an amazing person who really listens and helps me feel beautiful and confident and has given me the tools to maintain the hair that I have."

"I highly recommend Holly. I have learned a lot about appropriate and relevant product use and the role of nutrition since working with Holly. As a client, my experience is that she always listens carefully and asks thoughtful, wise questions to create a plan together. I am grateful for Holly and always look forward to my appointments."

- Joellyn 

*Omg🥹🥹🥹 you are the BEST!! Thank you so so much for everything, this is going to change my entire life!! You are seriously such a gem!" 


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