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Let’s Get Started

Let’s take the pressure and stress out of your first visit.

Holly Strack is a Trichologist having a hair loss consulatation


Step One

Get to know a little bit about me and how I can help you in your hair loss journey.


Step Two

Are you ready to take the next step to a healthier scalp and more hair on your head? First things first. We need an appointment to evaluate the health of your, hair, scalp and follicles by using a scope, discussing some of your lifestyle habits, and overall health history. Click below to get started!

Hair loss specialist Holly Strack is a Certified Trichologist book an appointment
Hair loss specialist Holly Strack is a Certified Trichologist


Step Three

Yay!!! You've successfully taken the first step and booked your appointment! Attached to your appointment confirmation will be a link to your digital consultation form or feel free to click the link below to be directed to the form right now. I look forward to meeting you!

Please fill this out ASAP, prior to your appointment (please check your junk mail if you don't see anything in your inbox). 

If you have any questions about booking your first appointment with me, please check out the FAQ page below. 

What To Expect

The Pre-Visit

Ready to take the next step? Click the "book now" button, which will direct you to my online booking page. To create a profile, click "log in", in the top right corner.  All you need is your mobile number. You will be sent a text message with a code to verify your identity. From there, look for the hair loss category, which will show the hair and scalp evaluation options. Once selected, available times will be displayed. If you are looking for a time or day not offered, please join the waitlist and be as specific as possible, however this does not guarantee an appointment. I would suggest taking the first available day that works for you and add yourself to the waitlist with more information. You will receive a confirmation from the online booking site stating either your appointment is being reviewed or is accepted, after requesting an appointment, as well as upcoming reminders. A digital consultation form will be attached to email/text confirmations. Please fill this out prior to your appointment. You may need to check your junk folder You may also contact me directly by emailing or texting 952-905-8277. I will be in touch within 24 hours, during normal business hours (Mon-Fri).

The Consultation

The digital consultation sets our journey together on the right path. I will be sending you this digital form through email after your appointment is booked. Please fill it out ASAP, so I can have some time to look over it and be prepared for your appointment. During your appointment, we talk through your digital consultation form and take photos to document where we are starting.  After the evaluation, I will offer a multi-therapeutic approach, providing options moving forward. Whether that's maintaining the hair that you have, gaining back lost hair, calming ongoing scalp inflammation, or in severe cases referring you to a Dermatologist specializing in hair loss and scalp disorders.  If you choose to move forward in working together, we will regularly update photos, scope pictures, and document progress through routine hair & scalp re-check visits. 

after your visit

When we finish our time together, I will review and assess all of the information from your evaluation appointment.  I will send a follow-up email that will include: your hair and scalp photos, a recap of the recommendations we discussed in person, as well as detailed instructions on when and how to schedule a follow-up appointment to check your progress. There is a lot of information to process!

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